The important benefits of cord blood banking that you shouldn’t miss!

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Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations!! It is one of the most important moments you will have. When your baby is born, you have to look at something else that will be the most important life-saving collection for you. Okay! Let me clarify!

Have you considered keeping the blood from your umbilical cord? It is the main source of stem cells which become the best therapeutic alternative in the case of possible diseases. But what other benefits should you consider? We inform you of all the benefits of cord blood banking!

The important benefits of cord blood banking that you shouldn’t miss!

    Technique without risks and painless

So is! The technique used by the experts does not imply any risk, neither for the mother nor for the baby. After birth, the umbilical cord is secured, and blood is removed from the umbilical vein before the placenta is expelled. The cord blood bank itself is in charge of the rest!

    Prevention of childhood diseases

There are more and more advances that fight childhood diseases, but unfortunately, there is still much to be done. Thanks to the stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood, there are many treatments that can be carried out to fight against certain ailments.

     Process faster and accessible

Although talking about stem cells seems like something from another world, it is one of the agilest and effective solutions at the moment of rapid medical action. Going to the stem cells means a shorter process than other transplants such as bone marrow.

    It is the ideal solution for certain diseases

When we talk about specific diseases, such as leukemia, lymphomas or other blood diseases, stem cells extracted from the umbilical cord are the best solution. Thanks to these cells, the patient’s blood and immune system can be regenerated.

Choosing to preserve these cells means a guaranteed option in terms of the exact compatibility of your baby, as well as, probably, with the rest of the family. Cord blood banks, such as Vidacord, take care of these preservations so that parents can rest easy and enjoy their baby!

How important is it to preserve the stem cells contained in umbilical cord blood?

When we speak of stem cells and especially umbilical cord blood stem cells, we can ask ourselves certain questions about their use and how important it is to preserve the stem cells contained in cord blood.

The child to whom the stem cells changed his life

The child to whom the stem cells changed his life is a story that fills us with emotion when we remember it.

There are a few days until the arrival of Christmas during this time, we meet with our loved ones, we receive gifts and the main protagonists are children.

This is the case of little Keric, in this year that is about to end, he received the best gift from his older sister, Kendall.

Keric Boyd was born with an unusual genetic disorder in the skin called epidermolysis bullosa, whereby his DNA does not have fibers; as a result, any slight pressure caused him painful and large blisters.

Little Keric underwent a bone marrow transplant; the donor was Kedall, his older sister.

The treatment with stem cells was carried out by Dr. John Wagner, one of the largest experts in stem cell transplantation in worldwide, member of the Vida Cord Scientific Medical Committee.

This type of information makes us reflect on the importance of preserving umbilical cord blood. It is a unique opportunity at the time of delivery, strengthening the health of family life.

Other key benefits of cord blood banking


  • Younger, excellent capacity for proliferation and differentiation.
  • Immediate availability
  • Lower compatibility requirements (HLA).
  • Less risk of Graft Disease against Host and Infection.
  • Possible to perform autologous transplants.



  • Delay in the early graft.
  • They can only be collected at the time of birth benefits of cord blood banking

Finally, Storage of umbilical cord blood from newborns is really a new phenomenon in medical science that is committed to saving babies from future diseases.

If you are pregnant, close to giving birth or are thinking for what you will do with the cord of your future son or daughter, it is the time for you to analyze the importance of saving or donating cord blood.

How much does cord blood banking cost?