The annual meeting of the prestigious Southern Pain Society has an interesting and provocative title this year:Pain Management–Are We Doing Anything Right?“The goal of the meeting is to reflect on the current state of pain treatment and to remind ourselves that we need to take a biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain and include all specialties,” she said.

Although we know that adult hypertension can affect the brain, little research has been done on the cognitive effects of childhood hypertension.In a new study scheduled for publication in the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers found that hypertension is associated with cognitive issues in children and adolescents.

Online tool to cast light on employee health care costsby Rachel Ventresca | Hatchet ReporterA new online tool will help University employees calculate potential health care costs.Castlight is a free service that will open in 2017 to employees and dependents on University health care plans.

The pilot research was undertaken in order to establish whether there are any barriers to the use of language provisions that potentially affect access to health care.In the finance year 2014-2015, Central Manchester Hospitals responded to around 48,000 interpreting requests (including both face to face and telephone interpreting), for 99 different languages.

The study found youngsters with high blood pressure are more likely to struggle at school because the condition reduces brainpower.One in three children is overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school in the UK.

Raise your hand if you worry about getting dementia.Apparently, the people polled would rather endure physical pain and die quicker than have a condition like dementia.

A US medical team recently delivered the world's first three parent baby using a revolutionary, albeit controversial, gene technique that uses DNA from three different people.According to a report, the baby boy's mother genetically suffers from the Leigh syndrome, a serious condition that has a negative impact on the development of the nervous system.

John Zhang discovers a controversial technique that uses DNA from three parents to give birth to a child.While the baby's mother is healthy, Leigh syndrome was responsible for the deaths of her first two children.

DETROIT (AP) – A team of researchers led by Wayne State University expects to get $15.7 million over five years for work related to the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults with HIV or at risk for HIV infection.

A research team from the University of Arizona's Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health has developed a smartphone app that helps track and detect Zika virus outbreaks and symptoms.According to Ernst, controlling Aedes mosquito populations and reducing its virus transmission are challenging.

For more than a year, community leaders have bemoaned the lack of access to health care that has been a problem in north Baton Rouge since the Earl K.Long charity hospital and the Baton Rouge General Medical Center Mid City emergency room shut down in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

This is an exciting time for those of us engaged in research and patient care for ovarian cancer.Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at Dana-Farber have also found that high-grade serous ovarian cancers – the most common type of ovarian cancer – often originate in the fallopian tubes.

Tshz3 gene linking kidney problems and autism was discovered by Professor Adrian Woolf of The University of Manchester.The same patient, who had a missing Tshz3 or also known as the “Teashirt” gene, showed characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

High level of sugar intake is the root-cause of childhood obesity, which in turn contributes to hypertension, hyperlipidemia and Diabetes.Hence it is important that parents monitor their child’s sugar intake early on during their childhood to avoid future health problems.

She sat holding her sister's hand inside Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, one of the city's largest government-run hospitals.A portion of the hospital's emergency room has been set aside for chikungunya patients like Devi.

CDC, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises people to start getting the flu shot as soon as the vaccines are accessible in drugstores.In many states across the US, the flu shots are ready since early August.

Whether the tea is green, brown or red, the virtues of tea drinking have perpetuated the continued surge in tea sales.However, a study by the Canadian news service CBC has found that of the ten most popular brands of tea in North America, nine of them contain toxic pesticides.

The Kedah Health Department confirmed that seven children were admitted to a hospital from rotavirus infection after taking a dip at Taman Bukit Merah Lake Town, Perak, on Saturday.“The families of all the seven cases said they had gone for a holiday at Taman Bukit Merah Lake Town on Sept 24 (Sabtu).

The risk rose to a massive 80 per cent in teenage girls aged 15 to 19.The hormone can also be found in contraceptive patches and hormonal rings or coils.

I am currently one of the beta-testers for the coaching module which has just been added to the mySugr Diabetes Logbook app.”I have been using the mySugr Diabetes Logbook full-time for two months.